Your phone can now tell you when your Pixel Watch 2 is fully charged

Google Pixel Watch 2 while charging
(Image credit: Andrew Myrick / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • A quiet update to the Pixel Watch app will now let users know when a paired Pixel Watch 2 is fully charged.
  • It appears that the feature is not yet available on the original Pixel Watch, and it's unclear whether Google plans to add it in the future. 
  • The feature comes less than a month after code related to Pixel Watch charging notifications was spotted in an update to the Pixel Watch app on Android.

Google has silently updated the Pixel Watch app on Android to enable notifications for when a paired Pixel Watch 2 has finished charging. 

Previously, the only way to know when a Pixel Watch had finished charging was by physically looking at its screen. The new feature is one that was repeatedly asked for by Pixel Watch users and seems especially convenient considering how often that particular smartwatch needs to be charged.

The notifications were first spotted by Android Authority, which confirmed the Pixel Watch app for Android sends out a push notification when a Pixel Watch 2. The notifications were found on version of the Pixel Watch app. Notably, Android Authority couldn't confirm whether the same notifications were available to owners of the first Pixel Watch.

Since these notifications seem to originate from the Pixel Watch app on Android — not from the smartwatch itself — there shouldn't be any limitations that prevent them from working on the first-gen Pixel Watch. However, we tried it with an original Pixel Watch and the same Pixel Watch app on version and couldn't replicate the fully-charged notification. 

We've reached out to Google for more clarity on whether this feature will come to the first-generation Pixel Watch. It's entirely possible that charging notifications are part of a gradual rollout since there has been no official announcement from Google yet. We'll be sure to update this story if we hear back. 

The charging notifications are very straightforward. Once your Pixel Watch reaches 100% battery, a push notification will be sent from the Pixel Watch app on Android to your smartphone. "Your Pixel Watch is fully charged," the notification banner reads.

Charging notifications for Pixel Watch have reached Pixel Watch 2 owners less than a month after 9to5Google identified references to the feature in the APK for Pixel Watch app version 2.1. At the time, 9to5Google speculated that the feature would also be available on the original Pixel Watch.

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